5 Star TBR Predictions | Booktuber Recommended Adult Books

Everyone that watches booktube or looks at Book Blogs will get a bucket ton full of book recommendations.

And lets face it a huge amount of them sound FANTASTIC!

Because if someone raves about a book they enjoyed and loved? And they are able to make it sound good, I at least fall into the trap of thinking that YES I HAVE TO READ THAT.

Even if i would never pick that book up normally.

I mentioned that already in my Goals for 2018 video i posted earlier this month, mentioning that i will not be reading a huge amount of the "hyped" books because after reading a lot of them in 2017 and noticing that i had one of the most mediocre reading years - ever basically. I would focus more on  what i actually want to read and enjoy reading.

And having said that yet again, let me explain this post and video.

All 6 of those books i talk about in the video -and mention in a second here- are books i actually am really interested in.

Some of them i already wanted to read before hearing about them but hearing other people talk about them made me even MORE interested in them. Or some books i heard about for the first time on Booktube but after looking them up I actually really want to read them.

So going with that... i decided that its time to see -in a way one last test run if i can actually trust and find book i will LOVE from online book recommendations- if i can find at least two book from those six that i love, that i give 5 stars to.

We'll see how that goes.

Books Mentioned:
Golden Hill: https://goo.gl/Ve3B1e The House at Riverton: https://goo.gl/DbQT6y The Power: https://goo.gl/uPLP6k A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: https://goo.gl/JE9WB5 Half of a yellow Sun: https://goo.gl/sd488K The Nest: https://goo.gl/sxKQ1L


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