January TBR || 2018

I am trying to start out the year in a good way, in a "look at me actually trying to do what i said i would in my goals" type of way.

Also i am giving monthly TBR's one last chance.
They did NOT work for me previously.
And by not work i mean not at all. Not even a tiny bit.
If i said i would read 10 books, MAYBE i read 1.

But i am doing them differently now.

I am including e-books for one.
NetGalley books, which i never did before.
And i also including new releases i am excited about and know i will try to get my hands on.

I also include all the re-reads i am interested as well as the first book from my "4 must read in 2018" list, because you know starting off right and all of that.

So lets get started with the actual books instead of the ramble-tamble:

NetGalley ARCs:
1. Carnegie's Maid
2. Meet Cute
3. Swansong
4. American Football

New Releases:
1. Beneath the sugar sky
2. Love, Hate and other Filters

From my shelves (3 new reads, 7 re-reads):
1. Stronger
2. in order to live
3. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them Screenplay
4. Harry Potter and the cursed child:
5. Rebel of the Sands:
6. Traitor to the throne
7. These vicious masks
8. These ruthless deeds
9. The gravedigger's daughter
10. Assassins Apprentice

From "4 must read books" list:
The Swarm

Its a good amount of books, most likely more than i can read in January especially since ei know i will be reading other books as well.

But thats fine. They are just the books i feel like reading right now. And i already know that i will not be reading the entirety of the Swarm in January -if i don't get completely stuck into it and don't want to put it down again.
And honestly the only reason i pick that many books is that there are two screen plays -fast and easy one sitting kind of reads- and one novella type of thing and six YA books which are -mostly- fast reads for me.
Counting that together i have 9 books from this 17 books list that are easy reads in some way or other.

As i said i will see how this month goes.
What i read from this.

I am honestly happy with myself if i read half the books from this list.
I will count that as a successful TBR and reading month.
Anything under that, i will try one more time and that is it with monthly TBRs for me.

If you read any of the books from this list, plan to read them or have your own plans what you want to read and want to share your thoughts with me? Please feel free to do so in the comments.

Until later, lovely book people!


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