Winter TBR || Seasonal Readings

If you are not watching my Booktube videos and this blog you will not know that i started doing Seasonal TBRs back in Summer '17.

So for Summer (an Adult and YA version for that season because overboard is my second name), Fall and Winter i posted videos about books i want to read.

Now just as always with TBRs i am not promising that i will read every single book i am sharing, i am simply showing some books off that sound fantastic at the time.

This seasonal tbr is no different to that.

I have 16 books i think sound great and are seasonal appropriate.
Which is the first time that came into play.
But i have a few winter specific reads so i felt like i had to include them into the Winter TBR.

This is also the first time i do not shy away at all from including German books.

Because i film and blog in English i always felt like i shouldn't include German books if i don't absolutely have to.

I don't really know why that is.

But what ever it was, i am over it, which is great because half of my book collection is in german so that makes the entire "making more realistic TBRs" thing so much more possible since i am reading a handful of german books per month.

I am of course listing the English names of the books and the links are for the english editions, as well as the german ones, if you are interested in any of them.

1. All in my Head
2. The Glass Castle (German Edition - Schloss aus Glas)

1. Crime and Punishment

Children/YA Books:
1. The Lie Tree
2. Three Dark Crowns
3. The thousandth floor

1. The Portable Veblen
2. The night circus
3. North of Boston (German Edition - Die Frau die nie fror)
4. The Kept
5. The Miniaturist
6. Pillars of the earth (German Edition - Die Säulen der Erde)
7. Snow falling on cedars
8. The Butcher's hook
9. The DaVinci code (German Edition - Sakrileg)
10. Six Four

I am curious to see how i am going to do this season with this, since the last two i shared my tbr was a mixed bag.

Anyone else doing seasonal TBRs?

how do you choice your books and how many do you choose?

I always have the hardest time deciding when to stop adding books!

If you have any tips on how to become more realistic -or just real- with TBRs please share!

Until later, lovely book people!


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