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Book review: Sugar

The only thing that i want to say before i go on with this post, is that this is the first book that i am reviewing from NetGalley. And to be honest it was a bit nerve recking to get a book and read it, knowing that while i don't HAVE to write a review, i should and really WANT to right a review because that was the whole purpose for getting the book: to write a review.  So i was nervous about that. But i am so glad that i got this book and was able to read and review it, because i am very happy to have read this book. And it was a fantastic book to start my hopefully nice and long time on NetGalley as a reviewer because... well how fantastic is it that a website exists that overs the change to get books for free to read and then talk about it how ever you wish? Pretty fantastic if you ask me. So I really hope that i will be able to get lots and lots of books and be able to write lots and lots of reviews because of that. Because that would really be a bit of a dream come true for

Book review: The Selection Series Books 1 through 3

A t the beginning of the month i read the entire Selection series. Or to be more exact, i read "The Selection", "The Elite" and "The One" so the first three books that were originally the only books in the trilogy that was then lengthened into a series of i don't know how many books. But i don't plan to read more of this series, because to me it is done. i don't need to read about the child of the main characters of the first three books because i did not love the writing of those books enough that i want to read even more of it. I thought a while about how i wanted to review those three books, which is one of the reasons it took me a while to write this review. At first i wanted to do the specific separate reviews as i did for the Divergent series. But honestly... this series is not as individual as most other series where so that i really felt i can write three different reviews without constantly repeating myself. So here is my fir

Top 10 Tuesday: Underrated Books

This is not a current Top 10 Tuesday presented by  but an older one.  I have a few reasons for not doing the actual current posting idea that that blog is doing.  For one the current Top 10 Tuesday is about the favorite top 10 posts from the last 5 years of Top 10 Tuesdays. And while i love the idea, i have not yet i have only done 6 so far and since i picked three or four that i liked best that weren't the "up-to-date" Tuesday, i certainly enjoyed that one. And since i did the others on the current ones from that week, i like those. Logic. Can you see it? So clearly i enjoyed those 6 that i did. And while i could list those 6 and pick another 4 that i have not yet done and just list 10 books for each of those 4 categories... that sounds just a bit repetitive to me. If you want to see the last few Top 10 Tuesdays that i did, you just have to look to the last few posts i did and you will find the last three right under this post here. Back to the