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Top 10 Tuesday: 10 characters that love books

I am a little late for this post, i am sorry. Tuesday just was there all of a sudden and i had planned this post but not written it yet, and all of a sudden it is an hour before midnight on Tuesday evening and i still have not written this. So here i am writing it. I am babbling. I tend to do that, sorry. Back to the actual topic of this post. This weeks meme over at The Broke and the Bookish is all about characters in books that love books themselves. And who is not all over that topic like a rash? Bad example? Yes, sorry. Anyways... loved the idea and really, what is better then talking about books? talking about people in books that love books of course! So here is it, my list. 1. Margaret Lea from The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield.  I loved this book. It is unique and wonderfully written. I loved the character and the story and overall just... loved this book. I mean did you see that cover? How can you not love a book about a person that loves book

Book Review: Confessions of a Queen B*

It has been way to long since my last Book Review.  What can i say? I am still working on the regulation of all this. I am new to this. What can i say? And how often can i say it?  Yeah i should really just finally get into a schedule and stop saying that.  Anyways. I have another Book Review today. And i really love this one, so read this and then go pre-order this book because we all need more snarky characters in our life.  So on with the review already.  Title:  Confessions of a Queen B*  Author : Christa McHugh Language : English Pages : 200 (Kindle)  Overall rating : 5 stars out of 5 Book series:  Yes, this is the first of "The Queen B*" series Book received through: NetGalley Summary on the book : "Alexis Wyndham is the other type of Queen B - the Queen Bitch. After years of being the subject of ridicule, she revels in her ability to make the in-crowed cover via the exposés on her blog, The Eastlake Spy. Now that she's

Top 10 Tuesday: Books that celebrate Diversity

This is another post, inspired by the fantastic site and their Top 10 Tuesday, without them i would post even less then i already do.  I have to confess that i thought i had read more books that were "diverse".  And by that i do not mean only books that handle a different sexual orientation -such as LGBTQ- but rather a more general sense of diversity, by talking about minority groups, or different religions or third world nations and their problems, socioeconomic diversity or disabled characters.  And by disabled i don't just mean physically disabled, but also diseases and other reasons why a character can not live the typical normal life, and because of that are disabled in their live. You know books that don't have a typical white main character, in very simple terms.  But it turns out that while i do have a more then the four books that would count as diverse in the sense that i just listed above, most of the books i own are not transla