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Throwback Thursday: The Seamstress

Since yesterday i talked about a new release i thought today i would share a book that has been released for some time but still deserves to be talked about. And since there is this entire thing called Throwback Thursday i thought why not combine that? I just want to share some books that are a bit older (and by that i mean not new releases!) that i think deserve to be read and more people should do just that.  So without even longer talk, here is my first pick:  The Seamstress  Author : Frances De Pontes Peebles Genre : Historical Fiction, minority group, Contemporary Fiction Release Date : October, 2009 (I think) Buy through : Book Depository , (german version), Amazon. de (english version), Add to: Goodreads Summary:  Emilia and Luzia dos Santos, orphaned when they are children, grow up under the protection of their aunt in the hillside village of Taquaritina, Brazil. Raised as seamstresses, the sisters learn how to cut, how to mend a

Waiting on Wednesday: Cut Both Ways

I thought i try something new today and since i saw this a few days ago. This is a weekly meme started over at Breaking the Spine  and so i thought, why not? There are so many books that i am waiting for and excited that they are coming out. So why not share some of them every week and talk about them? What they are about, why i can't wait. And give you guys all the links that you might need to either remember or buy them yourselves. You know, book sharing. Love. All that stuff.  Since this is the first time i am doing this, and i was really not sure which book i should start with, i thought i start with one that i am really excited for and that is coming out soon. For one because it is fresh on my mind. And because it is a book that i think more people will be interested in reading. And it is a really great topic. And it is a Debut author. All good reasons to talk about this book, i think.  (and by the way, if you are in the US the book is currently on a fantastic sale for

Top 10 Tuesday: Fantasy 101 Syllabus

I am extremely late in posting this for Tuesday, but who cares, right? Another post featuring the meme from the current week:  Top Ten Books that would be on your Syllabus if you taught X 101 (for example YA fantasy, or feminist literature 101 or what ever..). As you can see from my title, I was not inspired for something fun or interesting, but gone the boring route.  I decided to do Fantasy 101 , because honestly that covers a huge amount of books and so i made it easy for me. Who cares? Book recommendations! Also i do try to cover a good range of books, to have a good overview of the different versions of fantasy. So there are the children, young adult and adult books in here. The long and the short ones. Series and stand alones.  That is on purpose!  If i would really make a syllabus about books, i would include different lengths, different stories and different writing styles.  So here we go in no particular order:  1. Harry Potter ser

Top 10 Tuesday. Auto-buy Authors

Another Tuesday, another Top 10 post thanks to the meme by the girls over at Last week the meme was my most read authors, as most people know that came here through the site (and lets face it most of you are, which is fantastic!) . Today is all about the favorite authors that people buy simply because the author wrote it. Well.  I have a problem with theme, because i can honestly say that i don't do that.  And i really mean that. I have favorite authors. Quite a few actually.  The best example for that is J.K. Rowling. I know i am not the only one that really enjoyed Harry Potter. I personally loved those books because of the way she wrote them and how she managed to actually create this magical world and pull you so deep into the story that no matter how stupid some moments were, that was okay, because in that world those moments were okay. What i am trying to say is, that i loved her writing. So when she came out with Casu