About me

I love reading.

Anything really.

I try everything from classic to memoir to epic fantasy.

Actually the only thing that i never read are comics or graphic novels, mostly because i don't see the appeal. I also do not enjoy most poetry but i still give it a try every now and again.

But other then that i really do give everything a change.

I really enjoy specific TV shows and Movies, and i spend most likely a too big amount of time watching those.

I really hope that i sometime in the future will get my act together and actually finish one of those many different stories that i started to write and maybe even publish that book, and not just write FanFiction.

Which is another hobby of mine, which i started doing at 11 (so i have been doing that a while!): writing FanFiction for different fandoms, which include Buffy, Alias, Harry Potter and lately Agents of SHIELD.

I have a weakness for baking and cooking and trying new recipes and i also enjoy beauty product and what they can do for you.

I also have a strong passion for traveling and hope that someday in the future i will get the chance to see many different parts of the world, hopefully starting with different parts of Europe and working outwards, since that would be easiest being a European.

I would love to find a job that lets me combine all those passions, writing, reading, traveling and cooking. If you have one available like that, please contact me and i will jump on that!

Please feel more then free to get in contact with me in any way you prefer and ask me what ever you want.


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