I am currently accepting the following Genres: 

  • YA and Teens
  • Adult books
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Contemporary
  • Non-Fiction
  • Fiction of any kind
  • Mystery & Thrillers
  • Crime 
  • General Fiction 
  • Historical Fiction
  • Erotica (to some extent)
  • Biographies & Memories
  • Women's Fiction
  • Humor
  • Literary Fiction

Or in other words, i accept everything BUT: 

  • Poetry
  • Political books
  • Comics and Graphic novels
  • Craft/Hobby and other technical books

I accept ARCs, e-books, finished copies and audiobooks, but please remember that I am currently living in Germany when getting in contact with me!

I am sadly not a professional book reviewer (seeing that as a definition of being able to live from doing that, and since that is not the case i am a "hobby reviewer"); but someone that loves to read a wide range of different books and always open to try new authors and genres!

I will always share my honest option

I will always try to find the positive sides of the books i read and try to recommend it no matter if i loved or did not enjoy the book, but i will not talk the book up if i did not enjoy the book!

In some book reviews that means that i will talk more about what i did not like about the book, then things that i enjoyed in them. Or for other reviews there will be a huge gush fest. No matter which one, it will be what i am actually feeling!

Here is what my rating system means: 

***** (5 stars) = It's a favorite, a must-read, a book that i will recommend to anyone i think would appreciate this book! But it means that i love this book and i will most definitely re-read this book and if i had the money to spend, would buy at least two copies to always have one available if someone asks for a book that they should read!

**** (4 and 4.5 stars) = Its a fantastic book. Its great. I enjoyed it, and will recommend it but there was something in this book that made it just a bit short of an all-time favorite. Still this is fantastic and i will recommend it and tell many people about it!

*** (3 and 3.5 stars)=  Its a book that falls between okay and good. Its not fantastic, but i still enjoyed this book. Or i can see the potential of this book and how other people could love this but for some reason it did not connect with me. Either way this was a book that if i know the right person i will recommend it to them. 

** (2 and 2.5 stars) = This book was not what i expected or just not my case. In most cases a 2 star book also lacks enough so that i don't see the potential for other readers to love this book, which makes the biggest different between the 2 and 3 stars for me. 
In most cases the book with 2 stars, has a major lack in some way. Either the writing is just not what i should be for a published book, or the story itself is not very well done. Or what ever else the book might have that just does not work. 

* (1 or 1.5 stars) = This book was terrible to/for me. And while i, more then likely finished this book because i am to stubborn to put it aside, i did not enjoy this book. At all. And i will not recommend it. And most likely not have a full review up for this book because i prefer not to continue to talk about this book. thankfully very few books get this rating from me. 


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